The Big day

I always love an excuse for a road trip.  Therefore I was super excited to make the trip to Bendigo, to the stunning Chateau Dore for Jenni & Nick’s wedding.

Jenni & Nick wanted something different for their wedding.  With many guests flying from overseas to celebrate with them,  they wanted a venue that offered it all.  They wanted to make it easy for their guests and found a stunning venue that could offer them the ceremony, photo opportunities and reception all in the one place.    In short, there is so much to love about this beautiful venue.

Jenni loves Winter so wasn’t fazed at all by the unpredictable Melbourne weather.    Most importantly, with guests cosy and warm under blankets, the only thing that mattered was that she got to marry Nick – the love of her life.

Pining on flowers to groom

Groom and groomsmen chatting on wedding day

Bridal party getting ready on bendigo wedding day

bride writing vows on wedding day

Chateau Dore wedding

bride on her wedding day at Chatau Dore Bendigo

happy couple on wedding day

Happy couple on their chateau dore wedding day

Their ceremony was fun and light-hearted.  Guests enjoyed listening to the many stories relating to this wonderful couple.  Jenni is originally from the UK and  therefore she feels very lucky that she found Nick, half way across the world. Meanwhile, Nick believes although are very different, they could not be more compatible.   For all their differences,  they share many things including a love of exercising and renovating together.

One of their guests shared this fun and lighted hearted poem called “Have you got a biro I can borrow?  by Clive James.  It was lovely to hear something that I have never heard before.    The words include

Have you got a biro I can borrow?

Have you got a biro I can borrow?

I’d like to write your name

On the palm of my hand, on the walls of the hall

The roof of the house, right across the land

So when the sun comes up tomorrow

It’ll look to this side of the hard-bitten planet

Like a big yellow button with your name written on it


Have you got a biro I can borrow?

I’d like to write some lines

In praise of your knee, and the back of your neck

And the double-decker bus that brings you to me

So when the sun comes up tomorrow

It’ll shine on a world made richer by a sonnet

And a half-dozen epics as long as the Aeneid


Oh give me a pen and some paper

Give me a chisel or a camera

A piano and a box of rubber bands

I need room for choreography

And a darkroom for photography

Tie the brush into my hands


Have you got a biro I can borrow?

I’d like to write your name

From the belt of Orion to the share of the Plough

The snout of the Bear to the belly of the Lion

So when the sun goes down tomorrow

There’ll never be a minute

Not a moment of the night that hasn’t got you in it


Thank you Jenni & Nick for inviting me so warmly into your lives.


Celebrant   Fiona Garrivan Celebrant

Photographer  Schade Images

Videograph Jessie Obialor 

Florist     Eternal Vase 

Venue        Chateau Dore Bendigo 


Maintained by Melbourne.