Alex & Jono love to spend their time at the beach.  So you can understand their disappointment when due to bad weather, they had to move their wedding from the beach at Lorne to indoors.

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Luckily for them, their “Plan B” was equally impressive.  Perched on the third level, with floor to ceiling windows, guests were able to enjoy the ceremony with breathtaking vistas,  from the warmth and comfort of the beautiful space at View, at the Lorne Hotel. 


Alex & Jono’s families have known each other for years. But it wasn’t until a night out at the Beaumaris hotel, 10 years ago, that their friendship developed into something more.

Fast forward 10 years with Alex and her mum Julie making their entrance to the sound of Boy & Bear’s version of “Fall at your feet”.  It was just like the night at the Beaumaris hotel, Jono couldn’t take his eyes off Alex as she made her way towards him.


Guests listened to the fun and lighthearted account of their love-story before Alex & Jono made incredibly heartfelt and sincere vows to each other.   But the highlight for me was Alex’s infectious enthusiasm bubbling over as she waited for me to announce them “husband and wife”.  It was such a lovely moment as she eagerly waited for those little magic words.


After the wedding, guests enjoyed an evening of celebration and fun which included an absolutely stunning sweet & lolly buffet supplied in a joint collaboration between the fabulous Shania from The Occasional Table Boutique Sweets and Styling and Creme de la Cakes.


It was wonderful to work with Julieanne Perara Photography who captured the day so perfectly.


Alex & Jono it was an absolute pleasure getting to know you and I enjoyed every single minute of your wonderful ceremony.


Celebrant: Fiona Garrivan
Photographer: Julieanne Perara Photography
Cake: Creme De La Cakes
Desserts: The Occassional Table
Venue: The Lorne Hotel

Maintained by Melbourne.