About Me


Hi there, I’m Fiona

I’m an Irish born celebrant, but now lucky enough to call Melbourne home.

I am also someone who loves meeting new people, eating good food, running and a bit of magpie when it comes to sparkly things.

I am an animal lover at heart and have a beautiful but very naughty cavoodle called “Bono” (yes named after Bono in U2).  I love when couples include their pets in the wedding ceremony.

I’m a chocolate loving (except orange and strawberry flavour) explorer of the world and I caught the travel bug early in my life  (interstate and overseas destination wedding enquiries always welcome!).

Prior to becoming a celebrant, I worked in the travel industry for 12 years.  This means I have been lucky enough to visit almost 30 countries – oh the thrill of getting a new stamp on your passport.  I love people watching at airports.  All those hello’s and goodbyes.  I’m fascinated with the world and its cultures – one of the best things about this job is meeting people from all walks of life.  Sounds so cliché, but it is true.

About You

You’re madly in love and want the whole world to know about it.  I will marry anyone in love and without judgement.

You want your wedding ceremony to be personal and unique to you, to really reflect who you are as a couple. You want the ceremony to be more than just the boring legal part before the receptions start. You want you and your guests to enjoy it just as much as the other elements of the day.

You want the ceremony to be a balance of the fun moments and beautiful moments.

You want the ceremony to feel relaxed and don’t want it to be too stiff and formal, but you want it to respect the significance of the occasion.

You’re looking to find a celebrant that is warm, genuine and authentic.  Someone you can build a rapport with easily and someone that understands and articulates your story well. 

If this sounds like you, I think we can work well together.

Why I love being a celebrant

Getting to know you is a highlight of my job. Not only do I love meeting new people, but it also helps me understand what’s most important to you.

Each ceremony and every couple is different.  But each is filled with beautiful moments and emotion.

I approach every wedding with an understanding of who you are and the relationships important to you – your family and your friends.

I consider it a privilege to stand beside a couple who are open enough to share their hearts and stories with me.

One of the favourite parts of my job is hearing stories of love.  I hear so many varied and diverse loves stories – every couple has a different story to the one before and the one after.

My job is to listen, witness, be invited in and reflect back what I see in front of me.

To me, a great wedding ceremony is one that tells a story and makes you and your guests truly feel something.

I want you to remember your wedding ceremony with such fond and happy memories.

It’s a moment in time – make it worth remembering.

So that’s me…… tell me about you?

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