Now that the big day is over, the prospect of changing your name can seem overwhelming.  However, it may be less complicated than you think.

In Australia, there is no legal obligation to change your name.  The fact that some people do, is usually based on tradition or culture.

There are a number of options available regarding your name after getting married:

  • Keep your existing name.
  • Change your surname to your partners name
  • Double barrelling your surname using both surnames in any order
  • Merging your surnames together to create a unique name
  • Keep your name publicly but change it privately.

Changing your name after your wedding

Firstly, you will need to apply for your Registry issued Marriage certificate. This certificate is different to the one that was given to you on your wedding day.  The certificate you received on your wedding day cannot be used for official purposes.

And you will need the Registry issued certificate to support your change your name on the following:


Ideally, the first place you would change your name is with the passport office.

If you have have an Australian passport with more than 2 years validity, they will update your passport, free of charge.   The new passport will have an expiry date based on your current passport.

Full fees will apply if you have less than 2 years validity.

It usually takes about 6 weeks for your new passport to be issued.  It may be worth delay changing your name on your passport until after your honeymoon.  Please remember to use your current name when booking your trip. Above all, name changes on holiday bookings are very costly.

Changing your name on your passport

Vic Roads

Firstly, Vic Roads require you to update their records within 14 days.  There are no costs involved in updating your licence.

Secondly, you will be required to visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre.


Therefore, now you have new photo ID with your new name,  this will make updating your records elsewhere a little easier.

Other places to update your name include:


Insurance companies

Utility bill providers






Electoral enrollments

Social Media

And the list goes on…..


There are a number of resources available online to purchase to help with name changes.  Subsequently these make the process a little easier. One such resource is

They provide a free comprehensive Name Change Checklist.  This is a checklist of organisations you should notify when you have change your name.


Changing your name checklist



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