Having children at a wedding can be a lot of fun but understandably people are nervous that long periods of sitting still and being quiet can be very difficult for children


Photo Credit: Alan Moyle Photography 

In my experience whether children are guests or part of the bridal party, they can bring so much fun and add an extra cuteness overload.


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It is important that children are made to feel important and not forgotten about, engaged so boredom doesn’t set in and recognise that there is no expectation of them as you never know how they will react with all the extra attention.


Photo credit: Alan Moyle Photography 

Many of my previous brides and grooms who have children have decided to include their children as they want them to be an integral part of the day.


Photo credit: Alan Moyle Photography


For me, getting to know any children of the bride and groom, is very important so that I am not a stranger on the day.

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I also like to make them an important part of the ceremony, whether it’s simply to stand beside mum and dad, handing over the rings or inviting their parents to kiss – they love having a special job to do.  The main priority is that the children feel comfortable.

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Photo Credit: Lemonade Lane 

When Jaclyn & Damian decided to get married, they had been together for 10 years and already had 2 gorgeous children together.

Many of their guests had children so they knew their wedding had to be super child friendly.   In fact 18 out of 30 guests, were children.  With this in mind, they choose to have their children involved as much as possible.

The secret to having lots of kids at the wedding is to be prepared and provide lots of kid friendly fun.   I tried to include the little people at this wedding as much as possible, by inviting all the kids to a special spot at the start of the ceremony so that they could draw some special pictures of the bride and groom on their special day.

The result…….engaged and happy children and a relaxed family wedding.

You will see from these beautiful images captured by Aria Photography how much fun children can bring to a wedding.



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