You don’t have to look very far, in our beautiful state for stunning locations to elope. These are the locations that people all around the world dream of visiting.  How lucky to have them as our own backyard.    One such place is the Grampians.   And it is easy to see why a Grampians elopement is incredibly special.

Couple at elopement at Grampians

The Grampians is home to a stunning mountain backdrop, bush surroundings, native wildlife and a rich Aboriginal history.   These are the perfect ingredients for those adventurous couples who want something a bit different.  For instance,  It is easy to imagine saying your vows on the rugged mountain edge, with sweeping views of the landscape below.

bride & groom at Grampians elopement

What is the best time of year for a Grampian elopement?

In my opinion, the best time of year for a Grampians Elopement is Autumn.   The weather isn’t too hot nor too cold and there is an explosion of red, yellow and gold foliage.

Like many places, The Grampians can be busy in summer with tourists, but during the months of March, April and May, its a lot less busy.

An easy 3 hour drive from Melbourne, makes the Grampians the idea weekend getaway.  It is the perfect haven for food and wine lovers with plenty of great restaurants and boutique accomodation particularly around the Halls Gap area.  In addition, there is even an opportunity for helicopter rides winery tour.

Elopements in beautiful locations like the Grampians are the best way to get married.  You make special promises to each other in an intimate way, there are no expectations to be met and the day can look exactly as you want it.  Whether that’s climbing to the top of the mountain, or watching the sunset from the Pinnacle,  or sitting by the campfire underneath the stars.    The opportunities are endless.  The hardest decision to make is which wines to try.  In other words,   getting married, couldn’t be easier.

couple at their grampians elopement


Fiona Garrivan 

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