The couple

Instead of having a big wedding, Jake and Sabrina decided to ditch the idea of a big traditional wedding and instead had an elopement on the Great Ocean Road.

Jake is a very talented wedding singer and we have worked together many times.   While travelling around America, he met and fell in love with Sabrina.

When he asked me to help him and Sabrina get married, I felt incredibly honoured to be asked.  After all Jake as seen hundreds of celebrants over the years and for that reason he could have chosen any of them.

Wedding ceremony on Great Ocean Road


The Ceremony

Jake & Sabrina love an adventure.  As a result, they didn’t want to have a traditional wedding. Likewise they didn’t feel the need to do it they way they had seen it done a hundred times before. Hence this made their decision to have a beautiful Great Ocean Road Elopement an easy one.  Also I am sure you will agree from these stunning photos, it was a very intimate way to get married.

Intimate elopement Ceremony on Great Ocean Road

The Location

It is easy to see why they chose Loch Ard Gorge, near Port Campbell on The Great Ocean Road in Victoria for their wedding.  Loch Ard Gorge is re-knowned for its stunning scenery and breathtaking views and is only a couple of hours from Melbourne.  Hence making it the perfect backdrop for an intimate and very special ceremony.

As the sun slowly disappeared they made meaningful and emotional promises to each other.  You will see from these stunning photos that there was tears, laughter and everything in between.

With their photographer and videographer as witnesses, they had a wedding just the way they wanted.

They celebrated their love and excitement about the future in a very private way.  Above all, there was no stress and no worrying about everyone else and therefore it was the perfect way for them to get married.

Google Review

Some people just give off this vibe of amazing, genuinely positive energy, Fiona is one of them….

I’ve been working in the wedding industry for the past 11 years.  And I have met and watched hundreds of wedding celebrants do their thing.
Out of everyone over the years, each time I did a wedding where Fiona was the Celebrant, she stood out and made me go “she is going to do my wedding one day”.

She has a unique way of making people feel things and be in the moment.  To make them laugh and cry, she is a storyteller.  And an incredibly kind and genuine human.
Fiona was the celebrant at my wedding in December 2019 and she was there for us and helped us with every step.
I would 100% recommend Fiona Garrivan as your celebrant. She made our wedding day perfect and is not only a high quality Celebrant but a high quality person.


Couple marry on Great Ocean Road Cliff Top


Bride getting ready for Great Ocean Road wedding

Groom getting ready for Great Ocean Road Elopement

First look on Great Ocean Road Elopement


Couple kissing at wedding on Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road wedding ceremony



Fiona Garrivan Wedding Celebrant


Fiona Garrivan Wedding Celebrant


Fiona Garrivan Wedding Celebrant


Fiona Garrivan Wedding Celebrant

Fiona Garrivan Wedding Celebrant




Fiona Garrivan Wedding Celebrant

Wedding Ceremony on Great Ocean Road



Couple having fun on Great Ocean Road Wedding

Loch Ard Gorge on Great Ocean Road wedding

Great Ocean Road cliff top wedding


Celebrant             Fiona Garrivan

Photographer      Ash Haase Photography 

Location             Loch Ard Gorge 


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