Helen and Louis were married in the beautiful Sirens restaurant in Williamstown.  This beautiful Art deco building is  just meters away from Williamstown Beach with breathtaking views of the Bay.

When I walked in, the sun was streaming through the windows casting a beautiful light and warming the room with a gentle breeze coming off the water.  But when I caught a glimpse of the view outside to where the ceremony was to be – I knew then everything was going to be perfect…..

Prior to choosing the venue, Helen and Louis’s had told me that they wanted a venue with a view of the water.  The wanted to watch the sun set on the most important day of their lives.

It is no secret that the lead up to Helen and Louis’s wedding was very stressful.

Sadly just 3 weeks before their big day Louis mum passed away very suddenly in the UK.  At the height of their wedding plans, they jumped on a plane to the UK, leaving behind any thoughts of the wedding…

But on their return just 5 days before the wedding and although still grieving, they were determined that the wedding would go ahead and they would have the best day of their lives as Maria would have wanted.   They decided life was too short and to embrace the joy of being in love and sharing this special day with their nearest and dearest family and friends

Looking absolutely stunning in her beautiful dress.  Helen made a stunning bride, smiling from ear to ear on her way down the aisle to Louis to the soulful sounds of Beyonce singing –  At Last.

Helen 1.8

On seeing his beautiful bride, Louis couldn’t contain his emotion and lifted Helen into the air in excitement.


During the ceremony we laughed and cried as we heard stories of how their first date lasted an incredible 7 hours and stories of their recent adventure to Vietnam.


We listened to Helen and Louis exchange their beautiful vows, sealing their marriage with a kiss and a glass of champagne.  This was a wedding filled with so much emotion and intimacy and one that I felt truly priviledged to be part of

Helen 1.18

As I watched this wonderful couple, gaze at the sun setting on this magical day, totally surrounded by the love of their wonderful family friends, I couldn’t help but reflect on the joy of this wedding that was healing and wonderful.

Helen 17

Helen and Louis your attitude was inspirational and a testament to the wonderful couple that you are. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and love.


Celebrant  Fiona Garrivan

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