There is no doubt that the costs associated with a wedding can quickly add up and today I am talking about how much you might expect to pay for a celebrant in Melbourne.  This can range anything between $900 – $1500.


The ceremony is a pretty important part of the day. Without the celebrant, it’s really just a big party. And this is often the part of the day where some couples feel it’s worth saving some of their hard-earned cash with a cheaper celebrant.

A lot of hours go into creating a great ceremony that will set the perfect vibe for the rest of your evening.  You will want the celebrations to start on a high.

To allow this to happen, you will want to be reassured that the person standing in front of you and your guests, knows what they are doing.  That they are experienced and professional.

For me, this job is more than just a hobby. This is my business so I see the value in investing in a suitable wardrobe, ongoing self development, marketing, insurance, a professional PA system and other associated business costs.


It may be worth considering which elements of the day that you need the professionals for, and parts that you are happy to rely on the skills of family and friends to help reduce costs for example, Music or the cake etc……

If you are having to make a decision based on the difference of a few hundred $$$, please remember that not all celebrants are the same, but the difference in experience, expertise and professional can make all the difference to the vibe of your day.

According to Ben Franklin, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a lower price is forgotten”..

Fiona Garrivan Marriage Celebrant


Fiona Garrivan Marriage Celebrant









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