Wedding Ceremonies

Behind every wedding is a unique couple.  A wedding looks different for every bride and groom.  But regardless of how you see the day most couples want the ceremony to be relaxed, personal and special.

Each ceremony I conduct has been personalised to reflect your individuality and style.   Whether simple or intricate, your wedding ceremony can be planned as you want it – classic, traditional contemporary or fun. I can also give you lots of ideas and incorporate your own into your wedding ceremony design to give it a personal touch.

Organising your civil ceremony starts at least 1 month before the wedding as there is also a legal part which as an authorised Marriage Celebrant in Melbourne, I take care of.

The Notice of Intention to Marry Form (NOIM) is a requirement prior to your ceremony taking place and takes a minimum of 1 month to process after lodgement. However, planning your ceremony can start up to 18 months ahead  booking with me sooner rather than later is a good idea.

For a full list of my Ceremony Inclusions and FAQ’s, please click here

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