Weddings have changed drastically over the last few months during the coronavirus pandemic.

Bride & Groom getting married during coronavirus


In the space of a few weeks, the industry changed from being in full swing to many weddings being postponed or cancelled.

For many couples planning a wedding in 2020, has forced them to make some very tough decisions.  My heart broke for all my couples who spent years planning their day, only for a once in lifetime unforeseeable event to change it.

Cancelled weddings during coronavirus

Restrictions at weddings during Coronavirus

As a result of Coronavirus, weddings will look very different for quite some time to come.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. From the 1st June 2020, restrictions have eased:

  • Couples can now have 20 guests.
  • Social distancing rules require everyone to be seated or standing 1.5 metres apart.
  • These rules currently apply to weddings in both private homes and venues.
  • Safety precautions are in place such as sanitising pens while signing.
  • And no kissing or hugging or handshaking.

Although these restrictions seem excessive, they are necessary to keep you, your guests and the wider community safe.

Many couples have been left wondering if they should cancel or postpone their wedding to the later months of  2020.

Some have decided to postpone to next year.  Particularly if they had guests travelling from overseas.    While others decided to get married now and party later.  Some have decided to have a more intimate wedding.  A private moment with only 2 witnesses

Elopement ceremony

Photo Credit Michelle Praght


Or a more intimate wedding with many friends and family watching via technology such as zoom or skype.

Couple watching a wedding on a computer


Whatever decision, I have supported them and will continue to support them, to make a decision that is right for them.

There is one thing for sure, after the year that was 2020, your friends and family will be excited to have an opportunity to be together and celebrate.





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