Nerves on your wedding day are totally normal and natural. In fact, I always say to Brides and Grooms to expect butterflies and a rush of adrenaline.


Getting married can be overwhelming. And for a lot of people there are so many stressful decisions and expenses. This coupled with the excitement of the day can lead to an overwhelming feeling of nervous tension. In my experience, the longer the groom and the guests are waiting on the brides arrival, the more that nervous tension can escalate. For most people tears and laughter are a great way to release nervous tension. Suppressing tears can lead to even more anxiety so I encourage to you let it go.

Weddings without worries

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As a marriage celebrant, I like to open the ceremony with a lighthearted introduction. Laughter not only reduces tension, but when laughter is shared it binds people together, increases happiness and imtimacy in the ceremony. With the injection of a small amount of humour, there is an instant change of mood.

Laughing bride and groom

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The hardest part is the anticipation of waiting for the ceremony to begin. Once the ceremony has started take a moment to take a breath and take it all in because you will want to remember this moment for the rest of you life.


Fiona Garrivan Marriage Celebrant

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