The Couple

Lisa & Searn’s Zonzo Estate wedding will always hold a special place in my heart.

Life threw Lisa & Searn a curve ball they never expected.   A few months prior to their wedding day, Searn suddenly became very ill.  He required an organ transplant and had to wait for a suitable donor.   They had no other choice but to postpone their wedding and hope that a donor could be found.

The Wedding

Searn did receive a transplant and their Zonzo Estate wedding was rescheduled.  Thankfully the stars aligned and they managed to rebook all their suppliers for their new date.   So,  6 months later than originally planned, they finally got to make their promises to one another.  You can only imagine how special this day was.  And you will see from the photos, nothing could stop Lisa and Searn from smiling all day.

Their ceremony was a true celebration of what life is all about.   It acknowledged love in all its forms.   The love between the couple and the love they have for their family and friends. The obvious love of all of their guests,  who clearly adore them.  And the love of their puppy dog Kobe, who was a big part of their day.

From the moment, Tobi Tobi music started playing, there was no hiding the excitement.     This day had been a long time coming, in many ways.     And everyone acknowledge how special it was to witness it (particuarily in hindsight as COVID 19, could easily have stopped it).

After the formalities, Lisa and Searn really let their hair down.  They danced and partied hard well into the night, celebrating such a momentous occasion with the people they love most in the world.   And how lucky was I to be a part of it.




Wedding invitation for zonzo wedding

Musicians singing at a wedding


Bride and her mother walking down the aisle

Nervous groom on his wedding day

Wedding party at Zonzo wedding

Couple exchanging rings on wedding day

Bride & Groom making vows on wedding day

Couple exchanging rings at zonzo wedding

Couple and their dog on wedding day

Bride and her wedding party on wedding day

Couple kissing with their dog in wedding day photo

Couple walking on wedding day

Wedding couple enjoying champagne on their wedding day

Couple dancing on their wedding day

Couple during sunset on their wedding day

Photo of couple star gazing on their wedding day

Bride hugging friends on wedding day

Couple leaving wedding

Thank you to Lisa & Searn for inviting me so warmly into your lives.  And thank you to Jerome Cole for capturing the magic.


Celebrant    Fiona Garrivan 

Venue        Zonzo Estate 

Photographer Jerome Cole 

Videographer  Moon & Back 

Florist       Sassafras wedding 

Musicians     Tobi Tobi Music 

Maintained by Melbourne.