Many people ask me “Do you offer elopement packages?”

Bride & Groom on mountain elopement

The short answer is no.

And the reason is because every couple want something different.

The word “package” is used a lot in wedding planning.   We have been conditioned to think that we are getting some sort of deal .

But just because a number of things are bundled together in a “elopement package” doesn’t mean that all the elements are what you want or need.  Suddenly you may find yourself  stuck with it because that’s what you signed up for.

Couple on wedding day

Once I can get a better understanding of what eloping means to the couple, I can assist and help them create a way to get married that suits them.  Not one that is convenient for me.

Some couples want a photographer, others have their own.

Some couples want to find their own accomodation, others are happy for my recommendations.

They may want to travel to Catus Country , the Dandenong ranges , The Great Ocean Road, or a Winery for a picnic, to get married.   Where ever the venue, I can go there as I am not restricted by offering any sort of ” elopement package”.


Couple having a picnic

Many couples have no idea where to start when thinking about getting married and I am happy to  brainstorm and give them ideas.   As a result, this allows the experience to be really personalised and not just some sort of standard “package”.

Really at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what is included in the “package”.  It doesn’t matter whether Champagne and chocolates are included, whether a photographer is included.   To go from being engaged to being married, all you  actually need is a celebrant and two witnesses.

As a result, everything else is an added bonus to add to the occasion.

Great Ocean Road wedding


Fiona Garrivan Celebrant 


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