When it comes to eloping in Victoria, the options are endless.   You may have decided to avoid the stress of a large wedding or perhaps you are looking for an adventure.     If so, Victoria offers some of the best elopement locations in Australia.  With so many diverse locations, the hardest decision is where to get married.

Whether you want to watch the sunsetting, listen to the sound of the sea, feel the soft sand between your toes or simply stand amongst the majestic forest backdrops, there is a suitable location for everyone.

These days many couples decide to elope.   And for good reason.   What is not to love about it.   With no stress, no distractions, or pressure to please others, eloping offers an intimate and special way to celebrate your love.   Exchanging vows in private, without a large audience is very appealing to many people.

Forging a large wedding, does not mean it is any less meaningful.  In fact eloping allows you to have a day that is truly about the two of you and no one else.

These photos below show some of stunning backdrops around Victoria for a romantic and beautiful elopement ceremony.

Eskerine Falls – Great Ocean Road

Elopement ceremony at Eskerine Falls

Photo Credit: Michelle Praght

Loch Ard Gorge – Great Ocean Road

elopement ceremony at Loch Ard Gorge

Photo Credit: Ashleigh Haase


The Pole House at Fairhaven, Great Ocean Road

bride & groom kissing at eloping in Victoria ceremony at Great Ocean Road

Photo Credit: Michelle Praght


Melbourne CBD 

bride and groom in the rain in eloping in Victoria ceremony

Photo Credit: Lisa Drew


Redwood Forest Warbarton

Redwood Forest Warburton eloping in Victoria


If you have any questions about eloping in Victoria, reach out at any time.  I would love to have chat to share how I can make your elopement experience amazing and one that you will always fondly remember.


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